2012: The Era of Mobility for POS Systems

While standard point-of-sale (POS) systems, add-ons and upgrades are still available, the main focus on new technology for restaurants and retailers in 2012 is all about going mobile. Before this, businesses in the hospitality industry had to depend on purchasing or leasing expensive terminals for processing credit and debit cards from merchant services providers . Not only do these businesses have to pay for the equipment, but they are also responsible for paying a fee each time a card is processed. However, technology is beginning to catch up to the demands and needs of this industry with new offerings that are poised to make traditional POS systems and the way credit cards are processed obsolete.


Tabbedout is a mobile application that allows customers to view, open and pay their bill with an Android or iPhone. The app is free and keeps a running total of the bill in real-time which enables the customer to have the ability to settle their tab at their own discretion. Tabbedout is being embraced by customer and the major POS vendors as well. Agilysys, Dinerware, Jumpware, Future POS, Micros and more have all certified the integration of Tabbedout for use within their POS systems.

New Micros POS Advancements

Micros, a POS provider, is currently running in over three hundred thousand restaurants and is now joining the trend of mobility. Micros’s first innovative mobility offering is Micros mymenu. Mymenu is an interactive portal for restaurants and is built for the Apple iPad. It enables restaurants to create an interactive food and beverage menu that showcases the menu items with pictures, advertise daily specials and showcase special events. Mymenu also allows for tabletop ordering and processing payments.

Pay at the Table

Verifone and Micros have teamed up to provide an NFC, near field communication, POS system that allows businesses in the restaurant industry to reduce fraud and increase the efficiency of their servers by allowing for NFC-payments right at the table. No longer will patrons have to turn their credit or debit cards over to servers, instead they can pay at the table using an NFC-enabled mobile phones and an NFC-ready payment processing device. Verifone offers three Pay at the Table solutions; PAYware Mobile Enterprise, VeriShield Total Protect and VX 680.


eTab introduced their latest POS self-patron technology at the National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago. Their PCI-compliant payment technology can be integrated into the restaurant’s POS system and communicates in real-time with the kitchen, bar staff and servers. The eTab table-side ordering and payment solution facilitates the ability for patrons to order and pay for their meals at the table with a portable touch-screen tablet. eTab offers their equipment for free and charges a monthly fee which includes updates, maintenance, tech support and programming at a price well below other systems.


ISISPOS offers an iPad POS system for restaurants that is built on Apple Xcode. This solution allows servers to use an ipad to take orders at the table and then digitally and instantly transmit the order to the kitchen through a 3G or Wi-Fi network. This system offers unique services such as wine pairing suggestions, add-on orders and table-side payments. As the ISISPOS system is designed to be in the hands of the server rather than the patron, it still allows for personal service, but increases efficiency and improves customer service.

EVO Mobile Pay

EVO Merchant Services and Apriva have partnered together to create EVO Mobile Pay and is compatible with browser-based phones and 3G, 3GS and 4 version iPhone devices. This payment processing app employs AprivaPay software for processing mobile payments in the restaurant and retail industry. This application allows for secure and reliable mobile transactions. EVO Mobile Pay offers businesses with several features such as swiped or keyed transactions, signature capture, and the ability to print receipts through optional readers or printers.

As the security, reliability and efficiency of incorporating mobile POS systems into restaurants and retail stores becomes more widely accepted, newer and more advances solutions are sure to follow. Merchant service providers are also finding ways to stay current and innovative. Merchant account reviews are a great place to read about the newest systems and find out which one offers exactly what you are looking to bring to your business.

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