Advantages of Hiring a Freelance Accountant

When you’re trying to run a small business or to get your finances organized and in place, the best way to go is to an accounting firm for help. While it is possible to do your accounting yourself, it’s neither wise nor necessary. The money you think you’re saving on not hiring an accountant isn’t going to be particularly useful to you when you end up wasting a lot more time trying to figure out all those things yourself.

One of the best ways that a business or an individual can get the accounting help they need is through connecting with freelance accountants. Freelancers are easier to find, faster to work with, and often offer their services at a better price than contractors or part-time accountants. Connecting with one of these can save you hours and reduce your money concerns to a more manageable level.

Finding Applicants

Finding the potentials to fill your job openings is the easy part. There are always people out there looking for work, and you can contact them for their information easily. Go to an accounting firm for their help and feedback, and to get means of connecting with any freelancers they have on file. You can also check out local ads and postings on job sites to

Choosing an Accountant

There are many things to consider once you’ve gathered a few applications and narrowed down your options to a few candidates. If you’re going to go to all the trouble to find a freelance accountant to work for you, you’d best take time to choose the best. There are some clear indicators of what makes a good freelancer, and what probably doesn’t, and you should keep an eye out. Look for applicants with:

  • Accreditation: accreditation means more technical knowledge, though it isn’t the same as experience.
  • Costs: only work with people you can afford.
  • Specialized Talents: if your business operates in a particular field, try to find an accountant with a relevant specialty.
  • Personality: find friendly, communicative, strong, and honest accountants who you can be happy to work with.
  • Reviews and Recommendations: see who your friends have worked with, and try to work with them.
Freelancer accountancy can be a huge help to you, either as an individual or as a business owner, as long as you take time to look into your options and choose someone that will be a good fit. If you find the right accountant, you could see many of your financial problems cleared up and resolved. Hiring an accountant is always a good choice when you have a need, and you should check with local firms as soon as you decide to take that step.

Image credit: Dave Dugdale via www.rentvine.com