Interview Techniques – Thinking Outside the Box

If you are starting the interview process as a new employer you will soon find that it is extremely difficult to gauge the suitability of a candidate in the 30minutes or so that you have with them during an interview. Traditional interviews allow you to judge what kind of first impression a person makes. This is especially important if you are recruiting for a sales or heavily customer facing role because the employee will be meeting new people constantly and need to come across well. They also allow you to see how well the candidate can articulate themselves which is very important when you require someone with good communication skills.

However, there will always be a measure of the candidate trying to give the answers that they think you want to hear. Just because someone ticks all the boxes in the interview room it doesn’t necessarily mean that they will make a good personality fit with your business.  Try and think outside of the box when it comes to planning the content of your interview. Here are a couple of tips:

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