Clever In-Store Marketing Strategies

in store marketingHave you ever considered the fact that your current retail display is actually driving down your business? If youíre in the fast moving consumer goods industry, for instance, you essentially want your products to be flying off the racks, not spending a regular eternity there, crammed among hundreds and hundreds of other similar products. Another key aspect to the FMCG industry (yet which also marginally applies to products of other industries as well) is that it is hard to sell a product whose differentiator is not immediately available. This is where clever marketing and efficient strategizing comes in. Point of sale, retail and point of purchase arrangements and displays can make just that essential difference that your product requires, in order to stand out from the crowd and increase its sales figures.

  • Promote with Promoters

Picture the following scenario: you are at your local supermarket, hypermarket or grocery store. You are tired after a dayís work, yet you know back home you’re running scary-low on milk, butter, fruit, chicken and whatever else tickles your palate. You’d love nothing better than to kick back in front of the TV with a cold one, yet you go to the store. You discover that most everyone else who works an eight hour day is also there. The place is noisy, crowded and making you even more tired than you already are. You simply want to get out of there as quickly as possible. That’s when you notice a well-assembled, elegant retail display, with two lovely young ladies smiling at you. They’re offering free samples of coffee, cheese, seafood or whatever else. You, as a customer are refreshed after a quick, free, unexpected yet highly welcome bite of food. You will remember this product and purchase it. This is why POS promoters are such an efficient marketing toolóthey respond to the basic needs of the consumer right then and there, when he most needs your product.

  • Elicit Curiosity

Bland display set-ups will have the buyer walk right past your brand new, incredibly good quality product. They will head on out down the aisle, where they know theyíre bound to find their favorite, regular brand. Thatís what will happen if you do POS marketing for a new product release the wrong way. If you do it the right way, with the right copy, artwork and clever, intriguing marketing at the point of sale, you are bound to pique the buyerís curiosity. At the very least, they will stop to see what all the hype is about. Once more, if done right, the marketing strategy will also prompt the buyer to try out this mysterious new product, of which he hasn’t heard before, but to which heís willing to give at least one chance.

  • Dare to Be Different

Most products in supermarkets these days are conservative, to put it mildly. Current economic conditions have scared them into a corner, where they are so concerned they will scare off their base market that they choose to stay put and keep quiet, from a marketing and POS advertising perspective. This is where you and your product can choose to be different. By setting up an unusual retail display structure, you are bound to get noticed, talked about and eventually purchased. Brands may be conservative, but at least one segment of customers have had just about enough of the ësame old, same old approachí.