Competition for Positions Prompting Many to Go Self-Employed

It can be a very difficult process moving into a new career, and even more so when you’re making the move as self-employed. With rapidly increasing numbers of people looking for new jobs, both locally and nationally, competition is high. For instance, how many people do you think are looking for jobs in Sheffield right now? Hundreds would be the answer, and unfortunately, there aren’t jobs for every single person. This prompts people to look for alternative options, such as moving away or backing themselves and their skills and going self-employed.

For many, they become their own bosses because of ambition for others it’s a case of being tired of listening to people telling them what to do, while there are even some who just grow tired of working in an industry they have no interest in or passion for.

There are numerous careers that can grow and flourish from starting your own business, but doing so takes dedication, commitment and the acceptance that there will be slow periods to start with and plenty of setbacks along the way, but it’s about how you come through those and how the business develops that is crucial. Even David Beckham had his ups and downs remember, and he hasn’t turned out too bad!

You need to understand that, initially at least, you’ll be putting a lot of work into a business that very few people are aware of and therefore aren’t taking advantage of. Take a career as a web designer as an example. You might have all the skills in the world, have produced the best possible company website and set up email marketing campaigns. However, until people become aware of your skills and “take a risk” by going to a “new” or “unproven” web designer, very few people will be aware of what you can do and how talented you are.

The same is true with driving jobs. You could offer your services as a courier, but this is the sort of industry where individuals and organisations will automatically head to the post office as their first port of call, or a tried and trusted “big name” courier brand.

If you have the dedication and commitment to going self-employed, then there is nothing that should put you off. With the backing of skills, experience and ambition – and a fair bit of financial investment too – you can set up a potentially life changing business and be earning money in no time at all, but, as mentioned, you need to learn to deal with the setbacks and accept that success may not come overnight, but it will come. It’s a test match, not a twenty-twenty!