Digital Projectors – A Brief Guide

There are a few types of projector on the market today. The most commonly used and most affordable is the digital projector. Prices for this type of projector vary depending upon the quality of the product and the features within, but you should expect to pay a little more than £500 for a model at the lower end of the scale and anything up to a few thousand for a really high quality digital projector.

What are they used for?

In Business

Business digital projectors are often used in conference or meeting rooms to display information to all attendees. They can be connected to a computer or laptop so everybody can see what’s on the computer screen and are able to follow what the person in control of the mouse is doing. This is very useful when introducing a new system to a group or explaining the contents of documents such as sales charts, attendance figures or productivity data.

In Education

Digital projectors in education are used in pretty much the same way as they are in the business environment; for getting across information to a group of people without having to speak to each person individually.

At Home

With the advent of home cinemas, the desire by film buffs to watch movies on a screen bigger than the size of the average TV, and their relative cheapness, digital projectors have become more common in the home as they are able to display a high quality image onto a screen or wall. Digital projectors are also used in the home by gamers wishing to bring yet more life to the gaming experience.

What Should You Look for When Buying?

It’s always good to save money, but sometimes it’s worth paying just a little bit more to make sure the product you buy is of superior quality. It can be tempting to cut corners and go for the cheapest option, but often you will end up paying more in the long run if the initial purchase doesn’t live up to expectations or it breaks down. Digital projectors are typically reliable machines and the only parts you should have to replace are the bulbs. When buying a new machine you most often get a 12 month warranty. Some manufacturers extend this to three years, especially for educational establishments.

Do Your Research

Before you buy it’s a good idea to perform some research to see what models and deals are available. Buying online is a great way to save money as often online retailers offer products at prices that are cheaper than you’ll find in the shops or on the high street. There are loads of websites that contain unbiased reviews written by real-world people who have purchased and used the products they write about. If you search on Google or another popular search engine you will easily find plenty of reviews. As you go through the review makes notes about the good and bad points and make a decision based on your findings and your budget.

Thomas Stephens is a freelance writer with a keen interest in gadgets, blogging and photography.