Get Green Printers and Photocopiers for Your Office Automation

As electricity becomes more expensive and limited business owners are all looking for ways to cut consumption and running costs down. Adopting a plan to use less electricity and cutting down on your paper usage can make a difference to your bottom line, so no matter how big or small your organisation might be. While substituting your old fax machine, printer and photocopier for a newer, shinier, more efficient model can help save you space, it can also help you to minimize energy use if you shop wisely.

Office automation companies offer consulting services and audits to help business owners minimize their automation equipment, paper usage and energy consumption. Getting one done in your office is an investment as it can decrease your total cost of ownership and lessen your carbon emissions, while using less paper and power to drive your business.

Most companies give you a choice of how your TEC (typical energy consumption) is reported back and you usually have the option between kWh of power, kilograms of carbon dioxide emissions you generate, the cost of your electricity consumption in dollars or the number of trees you would need to plant to offset your carbon footprint.

If you want to make a bigger difference to the environment consider adopting a responsibility program to dispose of your technology in an environmentally-friendly manner when it has reached the end of its lifespan. Because of environmental sensitivities printers and photocopiers can no longer simply be tossed into a landfill so find out what options your office automation company is offering to recycle or dispose of these items. When it comes to used cartridges some companies also offer you a collection service if you decide not to have your cartridges refilled.

Having a multifunctional machine that can send faxes, scan documents in black and white or colour and make copies for your office can save you time, money and energy if you pick the right machine. Make sure you adopt an environmentally-friendly policy in your office and that you are only purchasing from a company that manufactures and disposes of its technology in a responsible manner. It can help to protect the planet and ensure that you are using equipment that is energy-efficient and will not run your utilities bills higher than they need to be.

With the introduction of carbon taxes and the pressure of using up our sustainable resources everyone has an important role to play in changing the way they work.

Author Bio

This post was contributed by office equipment sales professional Michael Holmes for PrinterCorp. Michael also writes for the online medium and is interested in finding innovative solutions for office setups.