Hiring Commercial Sunbeds for a Tanning Studio Made Simple

Living in the colder climates of the UK has created an expanding market in the world of ‘self-tanning’ booths and tanning studio across the country worth over £10 Million each year. Many of these tanning salons hire commercial sunbeds for their business, reducing their start up costs with no massive cash outlay of purchasing the sunbeds or upright tanning booths and their running costs cover the hiring of the sunbeds. If you own a health spa, beauty salon or fitness club and are looking for a way of acquiring sunbeds for your business to tap into the tanning market, then hiring sunbeds is a simple solution.

Things to consider before hiring a sunbed for your beauty or fitness club

-Search for the most suitable financial package offered by commercial sunbed hire companies. Decide whether you want to hire the latest sunbeds at a higher cost or reconditioned tanning beds that are just as good but at a lower monthly cost. Most commercial sunbed hire companies provide the installation of the sunbed/s and aftercare service included in the hire agreement – you need to check this is included and not an extra charge.

-Taking on a hire-contract for a sunbed is a long-term financial commitment for your business. It is important that you work out your cash-flow and make sure that you can afford to run a sunbed (extra to your electricity bill) and covering the cost of the hiring in the price you charge your clientele as well. Work out the best ‘minute deals’ you can offer your clients and how many clients you will need to use the sunbeds on a regular basis to cover everything.

-Do you have the space for a sunbed and changing room area? Most beauty salons have separate tanning rooms or tanning studios provide changing rooms and lockers for clients using the sunbeds. Mosts sunbeds are at least 7ft long, 4ft wide and 4ft high so adequate space in a room is needed to fit a sunbed in.

-Offering sunbed tanning as a business is regulated by the Sunbeds Regulation Act (2010) and there are strict laws concerning the use of sunbeds by the members of the public that you and your staff should be fully aware of and have trained your staff in the correct procedure of how to use and be knowledgeable about sunbeds in general. You must also provide eye-protection for all users of your sunbeds as a legal requirement.

-You can also expand into selling beauty products to include a variety of tanning lotions specifically beneficial for the use with sunbeds and after tan creams as an added income. There are numerous beauty companies that cater for products have been developed for sunbeds that provided in-house point of sale displays and the relevant beauty and health information for your business.

There are several companies that offer commercial sunbeds for hire. Most commercial sunbed hire companies will provide installation and instructions of basic care of your sunbed and basic training for your staff on use. Hiring sunbeds could be a simple solution to generating cash for your beauty or health business.

This article was supplied by commercial sunbed hire company, Helionova, who have been supplying sunbeds to the hotel and leisure industry for over 25 years.