How Postgraduate Study Can Help Land You A Job

Finding a job in the current economic climate can be difficult – with an uncertain future, many businesses and public sector employers are hesitant to employ new members of staff and are increasingly looking for guarantees that they will see a return on their investment.

However, this is where postgraduate study can come in handy: not only does a postgraduate qualification make your CV stand out, but it demonstrates to potential employers that you are motivated and dedicated to your subject.

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills’ report on postgraduate education found that the number of people undertaking postgraduate education grew by over a third between 1998 and 2010, with nearly a quarter of students in the UK studying at postgraduate level. “The advanced knowledge and capability of postgraduates are highly prized by business and the public sector,” said the report.

“The skills of postgraduates, especially researchers, are critical for tackling major business challenges and driving innovation and growth.

The UK’s ability to provide people skilled to this level is an important factor in attracting global businesses to locate high-value operations here.”

Postgraduate degrees can be taken in almost any subject, and institutions like Middlesex University offer a wide variety of courses, from accounting and business administration to nursing and social work, these courses provide a valuable next step for those who want to specialise in a subject, or even take your career in a new direction. Not only do people with postgraduate degrees earn more, but they find their skills in demand from a wider variety of institutions: everyone from blue-chip companies to leading think tanks and public sector departments seek the expertise of people who have dedicated years of extra study to their chosen subject.

Remember that these courses are typically much more intensive than an undergraduate degree: they’re demanding, fast-paced and require a lot of time and attention, but the rewards can be literally life-changing.

If you’re interested in seeing what a postgrad qualification could do for your career, go to your chosen university’s next postgraduate fair to find out more information and see what your options are. It could well be the route to finally landing that job of your dreams – and if nothing else, the experience you gain and people you meet along the way will be invaluable.