How to Improve your Business Sign

company signTake a step back and look at your sign, is it getting your message across? It’s very important that your company’s business sign attracts attention and effectively showcases your business. Improving your business sign can make your storefront stand out to more people and help make a lasting impression on them.

First, when designing your sign try to use a light background and dark letters for maximum contrast. When considering colors, remember that the primary goal of the sign is to attract attention and while remaining easy to read. Bright colors should divert eyes to your sign, but fluorescent colors or jarring combinations may cause drivers to look away from your sign.

When placing your letters, leave enough adequate space between each letter, word and line. If the letters are too close together they can be difficult to read. Remember that someone driving down your street only has a few seconds to read and digest your sign. Avoid using long or difficult to read words, and be certain that everything is spelled correctly. Use only a few words, and space them well.

Another important aspect of the sign is to take into account the environment that the sign will be put into. Depending on where you’re located the sign will have to be made to handle those specific environments. It’s important to ensure the materials will hold up to the extremes and not break or fade over a short time.

Finally, if you are placing your business signs to encourage others to contact you, be sure to include clearly written contact information. Double check telephone numbers and email addresses to eliminate any errors. Also, include the area code on your telephone number to help those who are traveling from outside of your immediate area. Be sure the letters and number are clear and bold to make for easy reading while on the go.

Your sign is your one chance to showcase the most important and accurate information possible to all your potential customers. For the best results, take a walk or drive by yourself to make sure that the placement, size and other features of your sign allow for easy reading.

This guest post was provided by Brandon Serna on behalf of FASTSIGNS, a signage company specializing in business signs, banners, vehicle wraps and other visual communication services.


Image credit: Vertigogen via Flickr