How to Set Up Offices in Sydney

If you’ve just decided to expand your business in Australia and need to set up office space Sydney is the perfect choice of city, for all the obvious reasons. The thriving, active metropolis will provide you with all the amenities of an urban location, while also featuring several areas whose infrastructure is highly conducive for business. So what are the steps for renting offices in Australia’s top major city?

Find a Good Real Estate Broker

The first step to your endeavor on the Australian market is to find a good real estate broker, which will understand your business needs and strive to meet your requirements. It is usually a good idea to identify this broker prior to your first actual trip to Sydney. Make sure you analyze the commercial rental market on your own and figure out what an average price margin might be for the type of space you’re seeking. If at all possible, discuss the issue with local contacts and inquire whether they can recommend a good real estate broker.

Recommendations from clients and partners are the best and most reliable you can get. A good broker will offer comprehensive services, and alleviate the stress of locating a maintenance company for your future space. Go all- inclusive, if possible, don’t just settle for a brokerage company that will handle the legal and technical details of the rental per se.

Know the Market

While it is obviously difficult to form an accurate image of a real estate market in a foreign country, the Internet is a great source of information. Try to locate dedicated forums, on which business-minded users such as yourself congregate. Check out travel websites, which will clearly indicate the best areas for you to do business in Sydney. As a starting point, many business towers and facilities in Sydney are located on King Street, a premium corporate location, while Pitt Street generally offers good value for money in terms of office rentals. George Street also has its fair share of corporate skyscrapers, with many facilities located in the vicinity. All these areas are easily accessible, both for your future staff, as well as for your partners and customers. They will help you achieve a professional image and maintain high standards for your company on the business scene.


Know Your Needs

Most business towers will offer ample spaces for rent, ranging upwards of a couple hundred square meters. However, if your business only requires a couple dozen square meters, know that it is also possible to rent smaller spaces in Sydney. There are many locations that even allow you to rent hot-desk type property, while in other places you can share an office environment with other small companies or entrepreneurs looking to jumpstart their career track. Some perks of doing business in a Sydney-based location is that local building standards are quite exigent. Most business towers are grade A and will offer wonderful panoramic views of the city from the higher floors. Depending on the type of industry you are targeting, you might go for offices downtown, or head toward the maritime district, which boasts quick and easy access to the city’s ports. Whichever your choice, it is highly important to know your priorities, your needs and, of course, your projected budget for renting an office in Sydney.