iPad Security Trolleys – An Ideal Solution for the Small Business

Since Apple launched the revolutionary iPad several other companies have jumped on board the tablet computer bandwagon and have started manufacturing their own take on the concept of computing on the move. This means that consumers now have a wide choice of models to choose from, each with their own capabilities.

Perhaps the most simple of the new products is Google’s Chromebook, which is essentially a browser and an internet access point. If you don’t use many programs and store a lot of your data in the cloud, the Chromebook may be the ideal solution for you.

That said, the iPad is still the tablet computer most people aspire to own. The Apple brand is strong and people want to be part of it. This brand loyalty is what keeps the iPad going from strength to strength.

Recently Apple launched the iPad 2. It’s thinner, lighter and faster than its predecessor and it comes with smart covers and a 10 hour battery. And it’s beautiful. There’s no denying that Apple has always wiped the floor with the rest of the computing world when it comes to design.

When Apple launched the iPad 2 in the UK the queue outside Apple’s flagship store in London begun 33 hours before the selling could start, and demand far outreached supply.

When a product like the iPad is so desirable and so important to practically everyone who owns one, it’s important to ensure it’s looked after and kept in peak condition. Perhaps this is even more important in an office environment where iPads are used by almost all members of staff. The iPad is relatively small and it would be easy for a technology thief to steal several thousand pounds worth without anyone noticing.

Laptop and iPad security is a major concern for many businesses. To ease these concerns there are a plethora of iPad security trolleys on the market that help keep mobile computing equipment safe. At the higher end of the market is the iPad security trolley that houses the units and charges them at the same time. This means that the iPads will charge whenever they’re in storage (usually overnight) in the fastest possible time and without ever over-charging or blowing fuses or circuit breakers.

Some security trolleys also allow internal syncing, the transfer of data and are thermostatically controlled by cooling fans.

Is an iPad security trolley a good purchase for your business? I guess the answer depends upon how many people within your organisation use iPads. Smaller security trolleys typically store from 20 to 30 units each. If one of these trolleys was full of iPads (that would otherwise be stored on a desk, in a drawer or elsewhere) the total value of the equipment could easily be in excess of £10,000. Besides the monetary value there is the inconvenience to think of and potential loss of sensitive or valuable data.