Marketing materials: Where should you start?

When starting up in business it’s really important to get your name out there in the market and your services known. Unfortunately, banks remain reluctant to lend to small businesses, so any marketing practices you do adopt may need to be fairly low cost.pastedGraphic.pdfBuilding a start-up campaign by going back to basics and using promotional tools combined with free platforms online is a great way to maximise a small budget, and here’s how to do it:

Go back to basics

The value of traditional marketing materials such as branded pens, totes, business cards and flyers should not be underestimated. They help to get your name known and when branded with the correct information, they give potential customers the means of getting in touch with you. At a basic level, flyers and business cards printed from companies like Flyerzone tend to be the easiest means of doing this as you are able to fit far more information on them. Alongside location, services and contact details, many firms are now choosing to include their Twitter handle and Facebook page on there too – opening up new avenues of content.

Social engagement

Don’t just wait for potential customers to start following you on Twitter, search for those with interests in your market and start following them. As well as using the platform to notify people about offers, new services or flash sales, show that you know your sector well by tweeting and commenting on relevant subjects. This will help establish you as an expert in the area and hopefully raise your profile. There’s a common misconception that the results of marketing campaigns on Twitter or Facebook are hard to quantify. In fact, the return on investment can be easily measured if you release a promo code or offer only available via these mediums then measure the increased footfall or number of sales for that period. Remember, if you are running your own social media your initial investment will be minimal.

Give great customer service

It might seem obvious, but providing the best service you can is one of the easiest ways to expand your customer base, especially in the digital age. Customers have the potential to recommend you by word of mouth to friends, family and colleagues and also to share their views about you and your company via social media.