Meetings for the Self-Employed

Good business is built upon many things: strategic planning, excellent execution, top-notch staff and positive market conditions. Yet above all, business is about inter-personal relationships and so much of success owes to being able to forge strong and lasting connections with colleagues, clients and stakeholders. In this light meetings are so incredibly important, no matter what business you are in. This is easy for denizens of the 9-5 world as their cup runneth over with available meeting space handily booked through Outlook, yet self-employed workers might find this significantly harder. Indeed, if you work on your lonesome you may find it very hard to attain meeting or conference facilities.

The easiest way to surmount this problem is by meeting at your client’s offices. This works out well for both parties as busy people will generally welcome it when you come to them, and it will save you the effort of booking rooms. Beyond that it gives you the chance to integrate fully with their business, as though you may have only one contact you are likely to work across a broader swathe of the company – heading in and meeting a variety of people is always a good thing.

This situation falls apart if you want to hold a highly focused meeting which you can control. In another office you don’t have the ability to really play host and set up all the variables you need to succeed (whether they be technological, atmospheric or otherwise). In this kind of situation its best to check out serviced office complexes as these often will allow you to rent conference or meeting rooms on an hourly or daily rate. Find somewhere with professional looking digs and you will be just fine.

Being self-employed is a parade of challenges (not that it’s not worth it), sadly finding somewhere to meet is just one of those. Thankfully services exist where you can rent office space, and failing that everyone loves a house call.