New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses

Most people make New Year’s resolutions for themselves, but what about for their businesses? The New Year is a great time to sit down and re-evaluate all parts of your personal and professional life. Taking a few minutes to look at where you’ve been, where you’re heading, and how you can reach your goals more quickly will ensure that 2012 is a successful and prosperous year. Here’s a few ideas for possible New Year Business Resolutions:

1. Create a business continuity plan: Are you aware of the potential problems your business is at risk from? Do you know how you’d cope if one of these problems transpired? A business continuity plan is not going to prevent computer failure or deter thieves from targeting your property but it will help you to cope with the aftermath, limit the damage and retain control. 2. Improve your record keeping: Are your records scattered in half a dozen un-labelled box files? If you got audited, would you know where everything was? If the thought of an audit makes you break out in a cold sweat, maybe it’s time to sort out your records.

3. Upgrade your systems: You don’t have to be a big business to have high-tech communications systems. Telephone systems for small business organizations are a lot more advanced than they were a few years ago. If you’re still stuck with slow and clumsy systems, invest a little cash in an upgrade. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Audit your website: Remember that website you paid a fortune for a few years ago? Is it earning you money? Do you know how many people visit it? Do you know how it ranks in the search engines? If not, get someone to look at it for you and bring it up to modern website standards.

5. Revitalise your marketing: When was the last time you looked at your fliers? Have you updated your ad in the phone book? Marketing isn’t just something that you can set and forget. Experiment with some new advertising slogans – you might find that changing things up a little will get big results.

Many people start the New Year full of enthusiasm, and eager to make big changes. This, they tell themselves, will be the year that they do everything right. Usually, it doesn’t work out like that, and that’s no fault of theirs. It’s hard to make huge changes all in one go, and trying to do so is setting yourself up for failure.

Instead of trying to do everything on the above list, and a few things you’ll have no-doubt come up with that are specific to your own business, why not try doing one thing per month? Or, each time you tidy up your quarterly accounts, spend a few minutes giving the rest of your business a health-check at the same time. Making small changes is much easier, and more likely to have a lasting impact on your business.