The Importance of Protecting Confidential Data for Small Businesses

Protecting confidential data for small businesses is important and needs to be taken seriously. Data that is stolen from a business can lead to lost revenue and other costly problems. A small business will need to take steps to protect against many types of data security threats. This may include a confidential shredding service to ensure adequate destruction of important information.

The first step that is required for this process is to identify all of your sensitive information and where it is currently being stored. Most of this information should be on a central server, a specific computer, or on a laptop computer. You may also have data that is accessed on a mobile device.

The next step that you need to perform is to segregate all of your sensitive data. This means that if your data contains important information, then it should be on a dedicated computer or server. You will want to keep sensitive data separate from general information on your computer systems. The goal is to have the fewest copies of data available because it will be easier for you to keep protected.

The third step that is needed to protect data is to have it encrypted. This is important for data on laptops and other mobile devices. There are various applications and security software that is available to use if you need to encrypt data on your systems. Data that you are able to encrypt is considered to be secure.

The computer systems at your office need to be protected by a firewall. You can choose to use software that is installed on your computers or install a hardware firewall. The use of a firewall is important to a small business to prevent unauthorized access to your system.

A small business that has a wireless network in use will need to be secured. This is done on your router by turning on security. Security on a wireless router should use WPA2 encryption. When your wireless router has encryption turned on, then access requires entering a password.

The most important aspect of protecting confidential data for a small business is to make sure that your antivirus software and spyware software is up-to-date. You do not want to run the risk of your date being compromised because of outdated antivirus definitions.

Computer systems that are in use at a small business will need to have passwords changed on a regular basis. This will prevent anyone without a password from accessing data on any of your computers.

Robert Dean has worked in the document shredding business for several years and believes in the importance of data security and confidentiality for new businesses. He currently works for The Shredding Alliance.