The Importance of Testimonials in Growing Your Business

Testimonials are important in helping to provide ‘social proof’ for any product or service that a business offers. It is human nature to steer clear of things we do not understand. Until someone has ‘been there and done it’, we are generally inclined to avoid it. Testimonials help to prove to potential customers what can be achieved through a particular service, or product, and are essential resources for the growth of any business.

The question is – where do you get these testimonials from? Well, in the main, your current customer pool will be where you should turn to. Get in touch with your existing database and ask them to provide you with a testimonial for your service or product. In return, offer them a freebie, like a discount on their next purchase, or a product for free. To help them, be as specific as possible with what you need. Ask them about certain aspects of your service, or product, and they’ll be more likely to respond.

There are four major types of testimonials – customer, celebrities, experts, and expert organisations. In the main, customer testimonials will prove to be your most valuable, and easiest to obtain, and will generally be the most credible for new potential customers.

But what if you are launching a new product? What if you have no database of customers to get testimonials from? Well, in these situations, running a test is always a great option. Offer your product for free, or at least part of it, in return for a testimonial. People will be more than happy to get something for free, if they only need to offer some good feedback on it as a result.

Once you have gathered testimonials, the next step is spreading the word, including how to use them for marketing purposes in the best way. Well, utilising them throughout your website, and throughout your marketing is important. Not only should you have a custom testimonials page, but you should tailor specific testimonials to certain parts of your service. For example, if you have a page or section on customer service, include a testimonial within it that relates directly to this in a positive way.

People need to know what they are getting themselves into, before they take the plunge. The more social proof you can provide about your products and services, the easier the buying decision will become for your potential customers.

Thomas Jones is a business consultant that enjoys helping various companies to grow. The current economic situation is particularly difficult to navigate and we all need as much help as possible including best practice recruitment guides. For more information and advice, visit BestPracticeHub.com.