Turn a Love of Driving into a Career

Some people just love driving. The moment they get behind the wheel, they get a sense of excitement, even if it’s just driving to the shops or the daily commute to work. If you’re the sort of person who loves everything about a car, from the gaskets to the exhaust emissions, then it’s easy to understand this passion, but if you see a car as a method of getting from A to B, then it can be a little baffling.

The passion for some people can come from childhood, pretending you’re Schumacher or Hill – or Button or Hamilton in the modern era – whizzing around the playground and dreaming of being a Formula One driver. For others, it’s just a keen interest in how things work, watching your Dad change the oil in the family car, changing a flat tyre or working out why it keeps breaking down.

For whatever reason you love cars – or just driving – it’s a career option that many people don’t consider. They spend their time driving to and from a job they don’t enjoy, without actually thinking that they could start their own business as a self-employed driver. There are a number of different career options based around driving, here are just a few:


If you own a large car or a van, or have access to one on a regular basis, you could offer your services as a courier to collect and deliver products either in your local area or, if you wish, further afield, making significant amounts of money along the way. You may have to start small and build up a client base, but as long as you’re covering your costs – fuel, insurance and alike – you can set your price where you like dependent upon weight, distance, etc and make some easy money driving around the country.

House Removals

People are always looking to move house and are subsequently looking for someone to help them do it. If you’ve got the license to drive a van big enough to get in all of their precious belongings, then you could offer your services out as regularly as you wish – even doing it as a weekend or evening thing around your full-time job. Provided that you do your research into what cover you need for a career in home removals – like insurance for the vehicle, the contents and anyone helping you – then you could tap into a permanently in-demand profession.

Taxi / Chauffeur

Alternatively, you could work with people and offer your services as a driver. Some people like to be driven around, allowing them to have a drink at social events or to turn up to places in style, driven by someone else. You could use your own car and get paid certain amounts to give these people a service they want – as long as you exceed your costs, you get to make money doing what you want.

It’s a bit like any job role, if you’re getting paid for doing something you love, it doesn’t feel like work at all. You get to explore areas of the country you wouldn’t normally visit and you can fit it around a full-time job if you don’t want to make it your priority, just making a bit of extra cash as and when you can.