Values to Look for in an Events Staff Company

If you are about to organize a major event, for which you need additional staff, then you will probably want to look into events staff companies. While it is a good idea to “do your homework” and window shop online, or ask your colleagues and partners for recommendation, these things alone will not suffice. If you want to make sure you’re hiring the best of the best, you need to know the industry from the inside and understand the necessary mindset required in order to actually provide quality services. As such, the scope of this article is to briefly outline four essential qualities, principles or features of a good events staff company. If you can tick them all off the list when you sign the contract with such a company, then you will know you have struck gold.

Bright Staff

Simply put, you donít want to do business with a company that strictly hires high-school graduates, young people fresh out of school, who have never worked a day before in their entire life, or fashion models. While it is true that these people, too, can perform well, what you want is professionalism, and a type of social intelligence that you only get from experienced professionals. Ask the staff agency representative to provide details about successful past events theyíve been involved in, to get a clear picture of their abilities.


While it’s not all about the clothes they were, it is absolutely vital to the success of any event that the hired events staff blends in seamlessly, rather than standing out from the crowd for being either over- or underdressed. Similarly, if you need the staff to wear uniforms, make sure the staff company can provide them themselves, without you incurring any additional costs. Once again, asking for photographic proof of past events (which should cover as broad a range as possible) is a good idea. Consider the profile of your event attendees and select the event staff from a coherent area. If youíre putting together an academic or industry conference, then anyone aged below twenty-five would probably not blend in as well as a more seasoned professional. And this is but one example of the many you can think of.


Events staff basically have to be up and on their toes throughout the event. While theyíre not exactly running marathons, in a certain sense itís almost as if they were. Being dynamic involves being quick to respond, as well as well-trained and emotionally intelligent enough to pay attention to the guestsí needs. If the events staff requires more feedback from you than an initial training session, chances are they are simply not suited for this industry or not motivated enough to perform well. To this end, inquire the events staff company representative about the most complex and lengthiest event they have been associated with. This will give you at least a rough idea with respect to their level of experience and stamina.